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Remote Video Interpretation accelerates success of virtual events

The world is getting smaller every day, and that has […]

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Swiss Languages ! Global Voices

Which languages are spoken in Switzerland?

Many people think that only three languages are spoken in Switzerland, but in fact, the country is

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How EU law is making it easier to assert Intellectual Property rights

For many companies, intellectual property (IP) is about more than just protecting ideas or concepts

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What Are The Main Challenges Legal Translators Face?

One mistranslated word in a legal document could alter somebody’s life of forever, change the

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video game console in front of screen

What can we learn from the worst video game translations of all time?

Video games have had some famously terrible translations over the years Nowadays, there are a

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Vitruvian man over the world with computer code

Why website localisation is more important than ever

The English language has always dominated the internet, and by the mid 90s it was estimated that

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Scales of Justice

Language on trial: How legal translation and interpretation can help bring justice

At Global Voices, our expert legal translation services provide multilingual translations for a

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