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5th of November - Guy Fawkes Night 2

5th of November – Guy Fawkes Night

“Remember, Remember, The 5th of November… Guy Fawkes Night” This is the poem many school children in the UK recite every year on this day.

Origin of Guy Fawkes Night


Guy Fawkes Night is an annual tradition celebrated around the UK on the 5th of November. The tradition comes from a foiled plot by Guy Fawkes who wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605.
Guy Fawkes and his group of plotters were planning to set off their gunpowder at the next meeting of Parliament. Guy’s roles was to keep watch over the gunpowder but was discovered by a group of soldiers and the bomb was stopped.

Upon learning of his survival, King James 1st ordered that there should be bonfires in celebration of the plot being foiled and the tradition has endured.


To celebrate this day, throughout the UK there will be fireworks events to emulate the ‘gunpowder’ which was stopped on that fateful night. In addition they also create large bonfires and burn an effigy of the man himself, usually a scarecrow. These events are often carried out on a public playing field and often in support of a charity and has become a permanent fixture on the UK calendar.

Do you celebrate Guy Fawkes Night? Where will you be going to watch the fireworks display?

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