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Our experienced translators are the best in the business, providing a speedy and accurate translation and interpretation service for a wide range of clients.

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Swiss Languages ! Global Voices
11th September 2019

Which languages are spoken in Switzerland?

Many people think that only three languages are spoken in Switzerland, but in fact, the country is read more
31st January 2019


The emoji has changed the world It is now possible to order a pizza or even show your support for a read more
31st January 2019

English has become the “Lingua Franca” of the business world

The exponential growth of the English language is undeniable There are now more non-native speakers read more
30th July 2018

How EU law is making it easier to assert Intellectual Property rights

For many companies, intellectual property (IP) is about more than just protecting ideas or concepts read more
26th July 2018

What Are The Main Challenges Legal Translators Face?

One mistranslated word in a legal document could alter somebody’s life of forever, change the read more
Two stacks of paper files next to each other in black and white
17th July 2018

Should you file for a patent?

Conventional wisdom: if you have an idea, file for a patent But it’s really not that simple Of read more
Silver Briefcase against black background
10th July 2018

3 patent battles highlighting the importance of protecting your intellectual property

No matter what kind of business you run, having your ideas, designs, and technology registered as

read more
fountain pen on paper contract
2nd July 2018

Why your company needs to secure its intellectual property

For many companies, intellectual property (IP) protection is about more than safeguarding

read more
video game console in front of screen
27th February 2018

What can we learn from the worst video game translations of all time?

Video games have had some famously terrible translations over the years Nowadays, there are a

read more
Vitruvian man over the world with computer code
23rd February 2018

Why website localisation is more important than ever

The English language has always dominated the internet, and by the mid 90s it was estimated that

read more
Scales of Justice
14th February 2018

Language on trial: How legal translation and interpretation can help bring justice

At Global Voices, our expert legal translation services provide multilingual translations for a

read more
Designer using laptop and track pad with coffee
12th February 2018

How does translation impact design?

If you are looking to expand your business into the global market, website localisation is an

read more
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