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Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation

Perfect for smaller meetings and roundtable discussions, our consecutive interpreting services can guarantee bilingual accuracy for your audience.

How does consecutive interpreting work?

Global Voices offers consecutive interpreting services in both a face to face and remote capacity. Consecutive interpreters are available in-person and over video or phone, and are most suitable for smaller groups of people.

Consecutive interpreting is a more time-consuming process than other types of translation, but it allows for a greater degree of accuracy. Rather than talking along with a speaker as in simultaneous interpretation, a consecutive interpreter will listen intently while a speaker is talking, and relay their translations to an audience during gaps between sentences. A consecutive interpreter will often take notes whilst the speaker is talking in order to provide as precise a translation as possible, but beyond any writing implements, no additional technology or equipment is needed.

This form of interpreting is most commonly used for more intimate meetings, as well as interviews and other events where the majority of the audience speaks the same language, albeit one which is different from that of the speaker. As such, a consecutive interpreter needs to be fluent in both the language of the speaker and their audience in order to translate any questions they may have, as well as interpreting the speaker’s response.

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Do I need consecutive interpreting?

Consecutive interpreting is best suited for meetings and events with small audiences. The need for speakers to pause between sentences means it is not the fastest form of interpretation, but the fact that it needs no specialist equipment makes it very attractive for lower budget events.

Our consecutive interpretation services can be tailored to suit the needs of your event and your audience, and Global Voices will make sure to provide your business with the best consecutive interpreter for the job. To speed things up, we recommend that event hosts should brief their interpreters on any specific background information—or even a draft speech—before they begin, so that they are as prepared as possible.

Our Quality

At Global Voices, we are dedicated to providing businesses with the most dependable consecutive interpretation services available. With a team of hundreds working around the world in over 150 languages, we can help your business be understood, wherever you are.

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