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Police Interpreting

Police Interpreting

Here at Global Voices, our police interpretation service ensures those detained or interviewed in a police station are not hindered by a language barrier.

What Is Police Interpreting?

When the police talk to people — suspects, victims, witnesses, experts — it’s important that both parties understand everything that’s being said. The aim of a police interview is to learn new information from an interviewee. The success of this process depends on the investigator’s ability to communicate with the subject and interpret their responses. If the interviewee cannot speak the same language as the investigator, an interpreter must be present to properly interpret and relay the information provided.

The outcome of a police  interview can rest heavily on an interpreter’s ability, making it a highly important role. At Global Voices, our interpreters are tested and trained to specifically cope with police practices and procedures such as arrest, detention and statement taking. They possess an up-to-date knowledge of the terminology and glossaries used in criminal and civil cases. Their absolute impartiality guarantees that they deliver precise, calm and coherent messages, even under demanding circumstances.

Global Voices has also developed an innovative video interpretation system for the police. This is a secure, reliable, web-based, on-demand video interpretation service that enables them to have 24/7 access to any major language or sign language 365 days of the year from any computer. This means that the police have on-demand access to interpretation services whenever they are required — all that is needed is a computer with internet access and a webcam.

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Do I Need Police Interpreting?

Police interpreters are an indispensable part of the police force. Without them, law enforcement officers may not be able to successfully interview suspects, witnesses or victims of crime. This could seriously curtail the quality of an investigation and be a significant obstacle to justice. So, for those working with the police force, hiring police interpreters is absolutely vital.  

Here at Global Voices, our expert interpreters will ensure that you get the best service possible. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified interpretation company, we can guarantee that our interpreters are fully trained, fully disclosure-verified and have experience in interpreting in similar situations. We have many years of experience in providing the police with qualified interpreters covering all 150 major languages.

Our Quality

Global Voices is ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality certified and is the fastest growing Language Service Provider in our territories and industry sectors.

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To learn more about our police interpretation services, call us on 022 518 02 15, email info@globalvoices.ch or contact us using our online translation quote form below. We will immediately acknowledge your query and respond within an hour.
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