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Video Interpreting

Video Interpreting

Global Voices offers a comprehensive video interpreting service using the latest technology to facilitate face to face video interpretation worldwide. Our trademarked LingoConnect™ platform connects you with accredited interpreters wherever you are to get you the best results.

What Is Video Interpreting?

Video interpreting brings our trained and accredited interpreters to you when transporting them is inconvenient, or if time is of the essence. Using our LingoConnect Instant Video Interpretation technology, our interpreters can appear on a screen wherever you are to translate conversations in a wide range of languages. With LingoConnect™, no one who needs translation has to go without.

To use LingoConnect, we’ll supply you with a touchscreen video interpretation device. Plug it in and touch the screen and you’ll be connected to an operator. Let them know which language you need translated and a skilled interpreter will appear on your screen in just 10 seconds.

The speed of this process makes our video interpretation service one of the most flexible and convenient ways to translate a conversation in real time. It’s also highly cost-effective, with the price of video interpretation coming in much lower than in-person face to face interpreting.

No matter where you are, if you have an internet connection, you have access to a talented interpreter. There’s no need to schedule an appointment or account for travel arrangements. LingoConnect brings interpretation to you.

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Do I Need Video Interpreting?

Video interpreting is ideally suited in several situations. If you are likely to need an interpreter at short notice, LingoConnect video translation can bring one to you in just 10 seconds. This is particularly helpful for hospitals, who may admit patients who speak foreign languages without prior notice.

Those who need interpreters on a budget can also benefit from video interpreting, since using our LingoConnect platform incurs lower costs than in-person alternatives.

If you’re based in or working from a remote location, video interpretation can circumnavigate any potential travel inconveniences that an interpreter could have. This ensures that no unforeseen delays will slow your interpreter down.

All of our video interpreters are fully accredited and experienced, so the service you will receive via LingoConnect is guaranteed to be up to Global Voices’ high standards.

Our Quality

At Global Voices, we are dedicated to providing businesses with the most dependable interpretation services available. With a team of hundreds working around the world in over 150 languages, we can help your business be understood, wherever you are.

Pricing packages available

To find out more about our video interpreting services, call us on 022 518 02 15, email info@globalvoices.ch, or contact us via our online form. We will respond with a quote within one hour.
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