What's new at Global Voices?

What's new at Global Voices?

New Website

Innovation is our aspiration here at Global Voices. What better way to celebrate revolutionising our service than with a brand-new website? Navigate your way through what we have to offer, the industries we work with, our career opportunities and much more. If you require our services – just request a quote by following our 5 simple steps and our team will be in touch as soon as possible!

New Logo

We all know that Image isn’t everything, but it never hurt to look your best! Much like our service, our stylish new logo is simple and straight to the point. Don’t believe us? come and see for yourself…

New Office

Our spacious new office has allowed plenty of room for our ever-growing team. Buzzing with new technology, better resources and even a designated ping-pong area, Global Voices are all work (and more play).

New video - Going Directly to the Heart of our Clients

Sometimes seeing is believing, our new video provides an insight into the world of Global Voices by displaying our many collaborations and services. Get your popcorn at the ready and get watching!

New Marketing Strategy - Industry Oriented

Our sparkling new marketing strategy will allow us to communicate effectively and efficiently with all our pre-existing and potential clients. As well as providing a fantastic platform to allow our voice to be heard, our new strategy will allow us to implement a more innovative approach. After all, why invent the wheel if you have nowhere to roll it?

Exploring New Countries - Switzerland & USA

With welcoming our Head of Swiss Operations, we welcome many new opportunities. Here at Global Voices we are proud to be rapidly expanding, allowing us to explore new avenues and partnerships. With a focus on diversity and adaptability, we are constantly looking for opportunities to grow and share everything we have to offer.

IT Development

Living in the age of technology, we are only as strong as our nearest internet connection. By improving our technological facilities, we are streamlining our online processes. This includes:

Our Client Portal

Your personally tailored client portal, established to simplify and improve processes for you and your team. This platform allows users to request quotes, monitor the progress of ongoing projects, access previous projects and download invoices.

Our Linguist Portal

Global Voices linguists can utilise this portal in order to monitor their current and previous projects, invoices, pending payments, messages and you can even bid to receive more projects!

Remote Interpretation

Our technological advances concerning remote interpretation means that you can incorporate one of our linguists into any project, no matter the location, time, duration or nature. This cost-effective service could revolutionise the interpretation industry and we are ready to be the best in the game.

Translations in 150 Languages

With access to a network of over 9500 linguists we have the capacity to provide translations in over 150 different languages. You can view some of our most popular languages below:

Our Quality

ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified, Global Voices is the fastest growing Language Service Provider in our territories and sectors.

Our Quality Promise


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