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Intellectual Property Translation

Intellectual Property Translation

As a leading global provider of intellectual property translation, we offer an unparalleled service for all businesses, ensuring their intellectual property is protected around the world.

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International property translation

Intellectual property (IP) relates to everything created by the human mind, which is vital to a business’ USP. IP laws vary from country to country, making intellectual property translation services crucial to protecting businesses on a global scale. At Global Voices, our trained linguists are experts in the legal requirements of each country, and will be able to advise on the information that must be included.


Protecting Your IP

Protecting your intellectual property abroad involves submitting an application in each country your product will be registered in. In some cases, this will need to be written in each country’s official language(s).

Filing requests to protect intellectual property often involves many documents, which must follow the strict regulations of each country’s legal requirements. Often, these requests include supporting materials and registration documents, which need to be as accurate as possible, with the relevant terms and phrases, and filed within a certain timescale.

Our team of intellectual property translators have experience in the legal industry, ensuring the correct terminology is used, giving you the most accurate translation possible.

We Are Experts in
Intellectual Property Translation

As a businesses owner, you need to protect your intellectual property in order to stop other businesses profiting from your unique selling point. This is vital for any business looking to expand into a new market.

At Global Voices, our linguists have an understanding of the phrases and terminology required for international intellectual property filings, guaranteeing accurate translations for your business, and ensuring your IP is protected. We offer advice on any issues you may have with filing documents in other countries, and can explain the best ways to proceed. Our team specialises in the following:

Non-disclosure agreement translation
Unique shape & registered design translation
Registered trademark translation & localisation
Design right localisation
Patent localisation and registration

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