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App localisation

App localisation

We provide a comprehensive and affordable app localisation service that will catapult your app to major success. By customising your app to work for users in different nations with different preferences, we’ll put your app on the map.

What is app localisation?

App localisation ensures apps work across different languages, cultures and markets. It goes way beyond mere translation of content—you can’t just use an online translator to translate your app and expect it to be ready for international audiences. Rather, app localisation takes into account a number of other considerations that are vital in enhancing the experience of foreign users, like culture and aesthetics, to inform both the language and the appearance of the app itself.

For example, certain analogies used in your app’s original language may not make sense to other cultures, whilst different colours have varying associations from country to country. Similarly, whilst certain images may be appropriate in your own culture, they could be deemed offensive or simply be misinterpreted by other app users. App localisation also takes into account dialects. For instance, this would entail customising your app to work in Mexican Spanish if launching it in Mexico. This would make sure that Mexicans could use your app just as easily as Spaniards.

Here at Global Voices, our team of translators is both linguistically and culturally impeccable. Their experience and understanding of the cultures they work in therefore guarantees they’ll get the cultural nuances of your app right.

Do I need app localisation?

App localisation is a must if you’re launching your app into overseas markets, as it enables foreign audiences to properly understand your content. With less than one fifth of people using a new app more than twice, investing in app localisation to optimise user experience will increase engagement and give you a huge competitive advantage.

Localising an app’s content, description and images also gives it greater visibility in the App Store and Google Play. This in turn will lead to more downloads and a greater ROI. Various studies can pay testament to that, including one which found localised apps have 128% more downloads than the rest.

By localising your app, you can guarantee that you provide everybody, everywhere with the same quality experience. This shows that you care about each and every one of your site users, and that can work wonders for your business.

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