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Aerospace Translation

Aerospace Translation

Here at Global Voices, we provide an array of translation services for aerospace companies. Our expert team of linguists and project managers will ensure all of your translation needs are adhered to.

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Aerospace Translations Services

With the aerospace industry international by its very nature, the need to communicate in different languages is fundamental to your business. Whether you require translation of technical manuals for a global workforce, website translation and localisation for an overseas audience, or technical specifications for an international order, you can be sure Global Voices can meet your translation requirements. By guaranteeing your content is understandable to all, you can ensure your success on an international scale.

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Our Translation Memory Program Cuts Costs

Companies requiring a number of similar documents translating can often end up paying similar prices for what are essentially repeat translations. Here at Global Voices, we ensure you avoid this by using a specialised memory program. This holds existing translations and can pre-translate certain documents. With memories building up over time, the more documents we translate for you, the more vocabulary we store. This ultimately cuts costs and speeds up the whole translation process.

We Are Experts in
Translation for Aerospace Companies

Whether you’re a public or private firm that produces commercial aircraft, military aircraft, aircraft engines or helicopters, Global Voices has the expertise and experience to take care of your translation and localisation needs. We understand that we will be undertaking demanding projects translating sector-specific terminology, so have hired translators who are specialists in the aerospace sector. This ensures they’re experienced and knowledgeable about translating for aerospace companies.  We can translate a whole host of file types, including ATA 2100, ATA 100 and AvP 70 documents.

CAD Files Translations
AvP 70
MIL Specs
ATA 2100
ATA 100
Def. Stan 00-60

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Global Voices is ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality certified and is the fastest growing Language Service Provider in our territories and industry sectors.

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To find out more about our website translation and localisation services, call us on 022 518 02 15, email info@globalvoices.ch or contact us using our online translation quote form. We will acknowledge your request immediately and respond to you with a quote within an hour.
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