Multilingual Copywriting

Multilingual Copywriting

As a leading translation agency, our multilingual copywriting service is ideal for global businesses looking to engage customers around the world.

What is multilingual copywriting?

At Global Voices, our team of professional writers create engaging content and copy in multiple languages, ready for global businesses to use online.

Our copywriters tailor the copy to include relevant keywords and phrases that fits in with the language and region required for your business. We work closely with you to help create and develop a tone of voice suitable for your business and will resonate well, and connect with the audience, and ensure this is implemented throughout all the copy produced. Our trained writers also have backgrounds in a number of industries, allowing them to use industry specific terminology, in any language required.

Whether the copy is set to be used on the main website, on blog posts, or for social media, our writers are experts in creating engaging content that will connect with all audiences.

Do I need multilingual copywriting services?

Multilingual copywriting services are best suited for businesses going global, who need to have well written and engaging copy for a global audience. With a network of over 4000 linguists, we are able to offer multilingual copywriting services in over 140 languages, creating copy that can be used to connect with visitors of all languages, depending on your business needs. This ensures all the copy matches and retains the same tone of voice, regardless of the language, rather than running the risk of working with separate copywriting and translation services.

By having separate copywriting and translation services, you run the risk of the tone of voice being lost in translation, and having the main point of the copy being misinterpreted. Our multilingual copywriting service eliminates that risk, as we create the copy for you, in the language you require.

We tailor our multilingual copywriting services according to your business model and needs, and will recommend the best linguist for the job. For example, we have multilingual copywriters with a background in legal, if you need legal content written, ensuring that all copy includes the correct terminology, as well as the relevant nuances in each native language.

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ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified, Global Voices is the fastest growing Language Service Provider in our territories and sectors.

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