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Multilingual SEO Research

Multilingual SEO Research

Global Voices can offer multilingual SEO services to businesses in any sector, helping you take significant steps to expand your overseas presence and widen your international reach online.

What are Multilingual SEO Services?

Appearing in search engine results is one of the primary ways nearly every business gains new customers. This has made search engine optimisation (SEO) more important than ever for brands to reach a wider audience. But search results are not the same around the world. If you want to reach an audience outside of your native country, multilingual SEO research is essential.

Standard SEO in one language does not always have an international reach, particularly when attempting to cater to international markets. This is where our multilingual SEO services come into play. International keyword research can allow your business to extend its SEO reach around the world.

Global Voices offers a comprehensive multilingual SEO service, providing keyword research in your target language or languages, as opposed to a full translation of your existing SEO strategy. This is to ensure that all nuances of your target languages, such as accents or slang, are given an accurate translation rather than a literal one. We can also tailor your strategy to the main search engine in your chosen territories, from Google to Bing or Yandex.

Our services extend to making suggestions around website structure, translating landing page copy and blog posts, and re-optimising any other onsite content. We also ensure that back translation, and we can make any necessary alterations in collaboration with you.

Do I need Multilingual SEO Services?

Sometimes your expansion strategy may not require multilingual SEO research. However, if you want to make the most of your movement into other territories, making your website visible for international searchers is crucial.

As with transcreation, multilingual SEO research is not focussed on literal translation from one language to another. Rather, the key is for us to pick out the most important elements of your brand, its services and the corresponding pages on your website, and identify how they would best be found by searchers in other languages.

This is a far more subtle process than many think, so resorting to online translation tools simply won’t be of as much use as hiring our bespoke services. We can collaborate with your design, development and SEO teams to provide firm groundwork for improving your website’s visibility to users in other countries and other languages, so that they can get the most from your site, and you can improve your international conversion rate.

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