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Romanian Translation

Romanian Translation

Our expert Romanian translators provide a speedy and accurate translation service for all clients and businesses across a range of industries.

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Accurate Romanian Translation & Interpretation For Businesses

At Global Voices, we work with native Romanian speakers, guaranteeing the highest quality translations. By providing more than just word-for-word translations, our linguists are able to ensure that every document makes perfect sense and flows well once translated.

We are committed to providing our clients with the most accurate translation service, regardless of their industry. Our dedicated network of native Romanian speakers promise the very best translations. Our expert linguists also have background knowledge in a variety of industries, including the legal and medical sectors, ensuring each translation is as accurate as possible, no matter the subject.

Having native Romanian speakers working on each project ensures a completely localised translation, dependent on the audience and the dialect of Romanian spoken. This improves the accuracy of the translation, reducing any chances of miscommunication, which can be disastrous, especially for specialist industries.

Why Your Business Needs A Romanian Translation Service

The Romanian language is spoken by around 26 million people as a native language, with another 4 million speakers as a second language.

There are four recognized dialects of Romanian spoken, thanks to the mix of Latin and Balkan languages. These dialects are spoken in countries like Serbia, Albania, Greece, Kosovo, Bulgaria, and Croatia. Our expert Romanian linguists will be able to identify which dialect you need for your business, and apply this to the translation.

Why is recognising different Romanian dialects so important?

As we previously mentioned, Romanian is spoken in a number of different countries. It is also the official language of Moldova, however in official documents, it is referred to as Moldovan. This is essentially the same language, but is used to describe national identity, and therefore needs to be approached sensitively, which a professional linguist will be able to do. Our skilled Romanian translators will know how to approach each translation, and be able to tell the subtle differences between dialects.

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