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Jobs where knowing languages is necessary

Jobs where knowing languages is necessary

Knowing another language is a hobby for many people but for others it is essential for their jobs. Our translators are often fluent in more than two languages, and are well equipped with at least 3 years translation experience before they start working with clients. But there are obviously more roles where knowing more than one language is crucial, so here are a list of jobs where knowing an additional language is vital:

  • Trade commissioner
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Import-Export assistant
  • European political advisor
  • International Communication Manager
  • Digital Marketer
  • Customs Agent
  • Tourist guide
  • Journalist
  • International Business Development Manager

It is not just the obvious roles of a translator, interpreter or teacher where languages become useful. Studying languages broadens your horizons and can be hugely beneficial for both your personal life and career.

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